Four walls could be easily beautified with wallpaper. But then again, maybe the ideal wallpaper is even harder to choose than paint.

Are you audacious enough to give the concrete wallpaper a try or do you prefer a softer look, like the enthralling ombre wallpaper part of Swedish brand Sandberg‘s latest Carl Collection? These two beautiful wallpaper designs – Skymning and Gryning – portray seasonal changes in the Swedish landscape at dawn and dusk. The Skymning wallpaper was designed by Karolina Kroon, while the Gryning wallpaper was imagined by Sissa Sundling. Both exhibit an awe-inspiring mix of colors seen in the photographs taken by Karl Anderson.

This is how the Swedish brand describes its recently launched wallpaper collection: “The sun is rising. It’s early morning in Ulricehamn, and the sky exhibits an abundance of nuances. Lake Åsunden lies frozen, surrounded by sparkling hoarfrost and the silence of the forest. The winter’s many hues create an endless landscape of wooded hills, layer upon layer. This is the crisp chill and the clear, clean light that permeates our Carl collection. The cool Swedish winter landscape served as the inspiration for our new striped collection. We wished to highlight our heritage and our history in a timeless pattern image. Our Swedish tradition of decorating with light, cool colours goes way back in history and still influences us today. This collection contains seven striped patterns, six of which are brand new. To achieve the large, magical views that nature exhibits, we’ve used digital technology in two of the patterns to depict dawn and dusk.”

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