Cantori - Interior view

Bedroom, children’s room, bathroom, kitchen, living room, garden: Cantori designs furniture and accessories able to turn each and every space of the house into a very sophisticated one, evoking delicate feelings, pure and sophisticated emotions, intimate shades of colour.

Materials such as wood, metal and leather are worked by the skilled hands of craftsmen using eco-friendly coatings and finishes, and paying the utmost attention to the health and comfort of our home.

At Salone del Mobile Cantori presents an exhibition project that expresses with great immediacy all the values of its design approach. Cantori offers two Interior views, designed by the architect Anna Iuliano, which clearly reflect the company’s focus on the on-going development of different ways of living.

The first project is inspired by the “Mediterranean experience” vision: a modern interior, very clean and rigorous lines, which avoids the superfluous but still evokes the “warmth of home.”

Open and accurate spaces define each area, following one another and developing in different levels.

A courtyard, connecting the interior and the exterior spaces, completes the project. In this area there is a careful balance between rigorous lines and rounded shapes, the contrast of soft and robust surfaces. The colour palette is accurate, the combinations of materials and shades are carefully dosed to suggest an image of great contemporaneity: unusual arrangements and sophisticated finishes, tailoring-inspired fabrics and nubuck details, bronzed brass fittings for the textures that embellish the upholstery.

The second project offers an interior where the classic forms of “Chic atmosphere” taste dominate. Reinventing antique and charming materials such as brass or wrought iron, furnishings with refined details and finishes are created. Turned and bowed wood for the legs of the tables and the backs of the chairs, audacious metalworking for the headboards: all these details seduce as calligraphy. Finishes and fittings, such as champagne or gold silver leaf complete a mise en scène where elegance is whispered, the atmosphere is gentle and the colours are delicate. The forms of the upholstered furniture are enveloping, the ornaments are polished and original. The warmth of brass and the precious decorations create a noble scent that surrounds each space with a luxurious and refined aura.

Cantori is established in a territory, the Marches, renown for its rich craftsmanship tradition. The company keeps developing according to its Italian roots, and thanks to a network of artisans is committed to ensuring the quality of each piece of furniture, furnishing object or accessory manufactured and signed by Cantori.

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