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New luxury beds launched as a result of renewed collaboration with FEBRIK…

On Tuesday April 14th the international sustainable lifestyle brand, specialized in living and sleep products COCO-MAT launched their new line of all natural beds, at its showroom at the International Salone del Mobile trade show in Milan. During the 54th edition of the Design Week, COCO-MAT has presented their models ‘Pythagoras’ and ‘Triton’, with the distinguished new freshly colored cover fabrics, made by the Dutch textiles manufacturer FEBRIK.

UNIQUE FABRICS BY FEBRIK – 100% NATURAL FEBRIK, also known as the textile supplier of the established interior design brands B&B Italia, Moroso and Ligne Roset, has developed a unique fabric especially made for COCO-MAT. Normally the textile company uses a mixture of wool and polyester, but in this case they had to create a special new kind of fabric, as it had to be 100% natural to meet the standards of the sustainable brand COCO-MAT.

This was the highest objective for COCO-MAT as well a challenge - but the results are astonishing. FEBRIK explains: “The textile is made out of 100% pure cotton yarns. It’s a knitted textile, which means that the fabric gets its stretch out of the technique. Little yarn loops are connected so these loops can stretch out and suit actually all kind of shapes in the most perfect condition. With a more standard woven textile – the yarns are already straight but the outcome not as good. The material of 100% organic cotton in combination with the stretch of the knitting makes the textile exceedingly comfortable.”

The designs of the fabrics are embedded with COCO-MAT’s logo and creative patterns inspired by nature. Due to FEBRIK’s technique to multi-layer the textiles, by connecting partly the upper and back layer in patterns it gives a quilting look and feel. The results are plush covers to be considered as smart-chic stylish and standing out for its smooth touch.

HAND MADE WITH LOVE The new colored covers for Pythagoras and Triton sleep systems firstly introduced during Salone del Mobile are an outcome of months of fine-tuning the right designs, materials and constructions by the companies and external experts. Head of Production Designs at COCO-MAT says: “It took a lot of time and effort, but we believe that it doesn’t matter how long it will take us to create a product, it matters most for how long our customers will be enjoying it for.”

FEBRIK says about the collaboration: “We enjoy the devoted cooperation between two family companies, translating a lifestyle into beautiful sustainable textiles.”

The two models of COCO-MAT, its showpieces Pythagoras and Triton, are coming in the official fabric colors Copper (brown), Hydro (blue) and Pebble (grey).

PYTHAGORAS – The 48-way bed COCO-MAT its masterpiece bed the Pythagoras, can be completely customized according to the needs of the sleeper. Its three micro-mattresses inside of the middle layer of the bed divide the bed into different zones. Therefore this ‘smart’ bed system can be rearranged into up to as many as 48 ways to meet the best results of supporting the different parts of the body. Each micro-mattress is made out of a well-balanced combination of natural materials with each of their own benefits. The used out of sustainable sources won materials are natural rubber, rubberized coconut and cactus fiber, horsehair, seaweed and even eucalyptus for better breathing.

TRITON – Eccentric by Nature Triton is the name of the skillfully handcrafted with attention to detail sleep system, which combines a bed-mattress, mattress and a top-mattress in a stylish ensemble. This high-class bed is built up in multiple layers : harder layers providing the bodyweight support – while more elastic ones follow the body’s shape, gentle hugging every essential curve. The bed comes with their most exclusive mattress, suitable for all body types and contains natural materials including seaweed, cactus fiber and horse hair to regulate humidity. The solid oak wood frame adds a subtle element of luxury. Prices are on demand. The Pythagoras and Triton beds can be from now on ordered through the COCO-MAT network of more than 80 retail locations globally. The beds will be hand tailored made on request in COCO-MAT’s official factory, based in the North of Greece, Xanthi. Where COCO-MAT provides a numerous amount of workspaces to ‘special skilled’ people.

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