New projects of dsignedby studio presented on Belgrade Furniture Fair

Serbian design studio, dsignedby, will present their novelties on the Belgrade furniture fair, including Drop armchair, aside from their award winning Table-T and Kitch’T® series…

This design studio from Serbia, which is primarily dedicated to interior design, is a company run by young people, who enjoy action, new ideas, and material and new technology research. This is a company founded by two sisters in 2008, and they’ve been showing their skills and creativity all around the world ever since.

Kitchen design is in the core of their projects, while for these concepts they use Corian® DuPont™ for work surfaces. Corian® DuPont™ is a top notch sustainable material which is used in residential, commercial and other surroundings. It is cut and prepared by hand, and then glued with Corian® liquid glue in an identical shade, before it is processed with CNC router and formed into its final shape.

The idea of contemporary life envisioned by dsignedby studio is based on preparation of meals, interaction and connecting people via design. Inspired by their original and awarded concept Table T®, as well as the desire to give their clients new solutions for easy and modern life, they’ve come up with the idea of creating their latest concept, Kitch’T®.

As an all-in-one piece of furniture, Kitch’T® is easily moved from one apartment to another, and it easily adapts to all your needs. Everything you need from a kitchen, Kitch’T® concept contains under the work surface, which eliminates the need for hanging kitchen cabinets.

The size of this kitchen unit is made in accordance with the width of Table T® - 92 cm, and the length and width of one Corian® DuPont™ work surface – 365 cm. The doors in this concept are made of red oak and have no handles, maintaining the elegant appearance of the whole unit.

The work surface, reinforced on the inside with vertical application of Corian® and water proof wood, contains a Corian® cellphone charger which is built into its surface, as well as power outlets and USB ports. Kitch’T® concept is easily connected to your existing water and power grid. Though compact, this unit has everything you need from one kitchen, located under the front wooden cupboard.

Table T® offers you seating space comfortable enough for three people. The built in elements of Kitch’T® are Bosch and are only 80 cm wide, while they can be reached from both sides. The preparation and cleaning space is located on one side, while the seating, relaxing and enjoying area is located on the other.

Waterworks Atlas R.W. faucet perfectly fits in this industrial design, robustness of the metallic structure, Hafele systems and Look warm LED light. The fridge in this kitchen concept is actually a large Domestic mini-bar.

As a part of their design process, dsignedby studio takes in consideration the price and quality standards, in order to make their creations available for young professionals, offering them benignity and high quality at the same time. Young people of today often have a shortage of space in their homes, and dsignedby studio offers them space which is not only functional, but warm, comfortable and amicable at the same time.

If you like the creations of this Serbian brand, you need to know that they’re made to order and that upon ordering, you have to wait six to eight weeks for the delivery. Personalization options are also available, when it comes to finishing touches and colors.

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