Cheery London Apartment

An apartment in London was transformed by Andy Martin Architects (AMA) into a cozy urban retreat for a family of four: Warren and Claire Johnson – two respected UK-based PR people – and their two young sons.

Overlooking London’s most beautiful garden squares, this apartment on the ground floor of a grade I listed mansion has become an oasis of comfort and an example of modern family style. Known as Little Venice House, the converted apartment boasting 4.5 meter ceilings was imagined with the living areas to the south, overlooking city scapes, and the private areas to the north.

New molded ceilings and parquet floors replace the former in a successful effort to reinterpret the original charm within a modern context. White walls in the living room contrast the wooden walls of the dining area, seamlessly connecting these bright spaces to the kitchen. Colors and textures were combined to express the owners’ preference for cheerful interiors.

Storage space was cleverly integrated in this residential space, while the walls were designed to become a blank canvas for the family’s expanding art collection.

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