Launched in 2010, this 400m2 suite is designed with a dramatic home cinema entrance allowing the client to walk in and discover the Dior universe.

Stone and Hungarian wood floors lead to a large dining table surrounded by famous Louis XVI medallion chairs upholstered in a gray and silver fabric.

The living room has a huge Dior gray curtain in red piping and charcoal moulded panels. On the sofas sits pleated red Dior cushions that fill this historic suite.

Everything is designed to custom including embroidered sheets with a headboard replicating Dior wickerwork, frosted glass bathroom doors and a silver wooden walk-in closet.

The suite has been designed to represent the savoir-faire of Christian Dior: stylish furniture from the XVIII century combined with the contemporary creations of Nathalie Ryan, made by skilled craftsmen using bronze and wood and rich fabrics like silk and velvet.

Everything breathes the spirit couture Dior!

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