NORMANDY BARRIERE HOTEL - perfect for a romantic getaway

The hotel was built in 1912 in the traditional style of the Anglo-Norman manor complete with pastel green timbering.

As part of the renovation plan, the hotel sought to preserve the authenticity of its history by keeping with the tradition of the Toile de Jouy pattern, while also transforming the rooms to something befitting of the hotel’s five star standard

The patterns of the Toiles de Jouy were made in collaboration with a fabric specialist in order for them to be of the utmost delicacy.

The five following rooms - the Chambre Deluxe Mer Club, Chambre Deluxe Terrasse Club, Chambre Deluxe Normande Club, Suite Delux Terrasse and Suite Presidentielle – designed by Kirei Studio were all decorated with the Toile de Jouy pattern, varying in their colours to make each room individually unique.

The bathrooms were completely renovated with classic white floors and black cabochons or a mosaic work of beige marble. The antique gold lacquered wash basins, combined with the caramel wooden wall units give a contemporary touch in this classic atmosphere.


The suite “Un homme et Une femme” was designed based on the 1966 French film of the same name. The original pattern of the Toile de Jouy, known as “le Delice des 4 Saisons”, was reinterpreted for this room with an approach to the colour sepia. This colour was chosen specifically to hint to the moods of the film, which was shot mostly in black and white

The headboard is identical to the one in the film, along with the two night stands. The classic black and white bathroom has a few contemporary touches, such as the iridescent golden lacquer of the wash basins, which completes this room.

The adjoining living room, decorated with a sofa of soft pink accents, harmonizes the suites colour palette while giving it light and romance. The walls are covered with photos from the movie, bringing this suite back in time for a romantic weekend getaway.

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